Metal roofing is it worth it?

Recently down south metal roofing is at an all time high. More and more metal roofs are being installed each day. Metal roofing can be described as the best type of roofing for long term use. Its often lighter weight then most other roofing materials. This helps your rafters because they hold less weight, the crew installing the metal roof will also carry less weight up to the roof. When thinking of using a metal roof for your next roof replacement you should consider these 3 things:

1. Are you willing to invest twice the price for the metal roof to last 3 times as long?

metal roof

Metal roof

This metal roof above could last 50 years with the right conditions. If moisture gets under the metal rivets then there could be deterioration after 30 years. To compare them to a shingle roofs 20 year max under the right conditions 25 years. If moisture gets under the shingles it will only take a year or two before the sheathing is rotten and the roof will begin to sag until a split and there will be a leak in the roof or potentially a hole depending on how great the cave in is.

2. Can you see your house having a shiny roof?

While they do make dull colors that are less shiny, when you put any metal roof in the sun it shines so be prepared for your roof to stand out a bit more.

metal roofing

Metal roofing


3. Do you know a roofing company that will install metal roofing?

While we do install metal roofing we do not see many other roofing companies advertising that they install metal roofing. We believe this is because its more challenging to install metal roofing.
This is because metal roofing requires different types of equipment to install. Also many roofers do not have much experience on metal roofs. These crews are less common therefore its harder to find a roofing company for the job.