Are you in need of roof repair after the recent storms with the wind and hail damage many folks are rushing in to their local roofing company. Here in Overland Park we pride ourselves in building solid relationships with our customers, We also do roof repairs in Topeka this helps to get a very accurate estimate for our customers. When we begin a roofing job the first thing we do is analyze the roof for warps, holes, disintegration, flashing degradation etc. After our inspection we attach our harnesses, lift the roofing materials to the roof and get to work. We generally do not need more then one day to finish a job. We did have a roof in Wichita take 2 days last week but that was for the simple reason that the roof was one of the largest in Wichita. This Wichita roof was huge it took half of our crew to finish that roof! If a serious problem comes up (like rotting rafters, bad weather or a roofer gets injured) we will wrap the roof at the end of the day with a large tarp and the roof will be finished the following morning. If this sounds like the kind of Overland Park roofing company that you would like to have working on your leaky roof, then please Let us serve your needs and give us a call today. We are more affordable and when it comes to Overland Park roofing we are the top professionals in the industry.

Overland Park roofing testimonials

Gilbert’s Overland Park roofing company repaired and replaced 14 windows and 28 shutters on our home, along with a roof replacement this past summer. The roofing management was impressive, full of energy. They took exact measurements and matched the colors perfectly. Also the staff was very polite on the phone and in person for the free estimate. They seemed to work as quickly as they could while still maintaining top quality. They replaced what we agreed needed to be replaced and they repaired the area we agreed needed to be repaired. They were honest and hard working i would recommend to other folks in Overland Park. I know there will be great results in our energy consumption this winter.
– Joe Murrey

Mr. Duncan has provided my close and extended family with roofing services since i can remember. Their company is full of experienced roofers that are willing to work very hard. Overland Park is where we grew up, we heard of Mr. Duncan through a neighbor’s referral. We are very pleased with their highly skilled roofers and they are so affordable. We have a large, steep roof and they made it look easy repairing our roof. Thanks again to the Overland Park roofers and Mr. Duncan.
– Gregory Ross

Gilbert and his crew of roofers came by the day after we had a free roofing estimate done. We were pleased with how affordable it would be to get our roofing done with Gilbert’s Overland Park roofing company so we hire him. He noticed our windows were out of date and needed to be replaced. He also immediately noticed the roof was in bad shape. His roofers were fast and easy to work with, and Gilbert was very knowledgeable of roofing materials, making it easier to make our choices. We will surely be going back to this Overland Park roofing company.
– Mary Anne Porter


We had our roof repaired by Gil’s roofing company located in Overland Park. They have been our go to roofing company since my dad suggested them to me and my family. We needed our garage roof replaced and a couple sections of our sheathing had rotted on the roof of our house. In one day they replaced the garages roof completely. They replaced the sheathing and repaired the roof before the end of the day we were impressed.
– Chris Smith

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